Aerial view of Adair's Wilderness Lodge complex
ATV enthusiasts will love this wilderness playground
Winter scene at the Lodge - snowmobilers paradise
Fine dining in the main Lodge
Majestic Walton Glen Falls
The fishing is great at Walton Lake
Something special - lobster supper at the Lodge
Early morning from the shores of Walton Lake
Your gracious hosts will cater to your every need
Our warm and inviting motel units
Views that will take your breath away


Welcome to Adair's Wilderness Lodge and thank you for visiting our website. We want you to consider Adair’s Wilderness Lodge your home away from home. We are a four season resort offering high quality sport hunts and fishing. Couples and families are welcome. Featuring a private lake, onsite licensed restaurant, private, new cabins and much much more.  Be sure to check out our Walton Lake link as well.  Located in the wilderness of the Bay of Fundy region between the village of St. Martins, Fundy National Park and the town of Sussex. We offer vacation packages and day trips to wilderness beaches, wildlife viewing and birdwatching areas, waterfalls (including Walton Glen Canyon, known as the “Grand Canyon of New Brunswick”) and much more.

We offer a full restaurant with licensed dining, chalets, motel rooms and a new banquet room that can seat up to 250 people. Also on site is the 85-acre (34-hectare) Walton Lake with rustic lodge, available for daily and weekly rentals and perfect for family vacations!

One hour from The Hopewell Rocks, Cape Enrage, the village of Alma, Fundy National Park, Fundy Footpath, Fundy Trail and the city of Saint John.

On your own or with our guides, adventure along seacoasts & through long forgotten wilderness locations. Traverse stunning cliff top lands and kayak and fish in lakes, rivers and streams. See moose, white tail deer, black bears, local bird species as well as the spectacular flora.

If you are into adventure and good clean wholesome outdoor activity then you need to visit Adair's Wilderness Lodge.  We are more than just a sportsman Lodge, we offer a wide variety of activities for your pleasure. Snowmobile and ATV rentals, canyon adventures, romantic getaways, wilderness retreats, historical packages, wildlife watching tours, adventure packages, maple sugar tours (in season), hiking tours.  We also offer shuttles to the various trail heads and destinations. Please explore our website and see all various activities you can do.  Thank you for visiting us ...

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Adair's Wilderness Lodge
900 Creek Road
Sussex / Shepody, New Brunswick
Canada E4E 5R9
Phone: (506) 432-6687
Toll Free: 1-888-895-9233
Fax: (506) 432-9101
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
GPS Cord: N45 35.883 W065 18.990


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