Forget traditional routes and take the road less travelled. There’s nothing quite like a rugged ATV to explore New Brunswick’s vast territory and diverse terrain. Whether you crave remote countryside trails or scenic coastal landscapes, off-roading in New Brunswick brings an adventure at every turn. Pick a package, take part in a guided adventure or simply head out on your own!

atv1Groomed trails can be found year round, which means your opportunities for exploration are endless. Enjoy the warmth of a summer day, the colourful scenery of autumn or the glistening white of a winter wonderland. No matter the season, an adventure on 4 or 2 wheels awaits!

Did you know…?

All operators under 16 years of age must complete an approved safety training course.

All operators under 14 years of age must be accompanied by (and at all times within the clear view of) someone 19 years of age or older.

atv2Both drivers and passengers on off-road vehicles are required to wear a proper helmet.

Remember – impaired driving is against the law for all motor vehicles. Do not operate an off-road vehicle when impaired by alcohol or drugs.

Snowmobiles and ATVs must be insured unless operated only on the owner’s property by the owner. The vehicle must be covered by a motor vehicle liability insurance policy that includes first-party accident benefits and third-party liability insurance in an amount of no less than $200,000.

All-terrain vehicles and snowmobiles can be driven on approved trails or your own private property. The network of trails across the province is continually growing, please contact the New Brunswick ATV or Snowmobile Federation for the most up-to-date information on approved trails.

Please note that it is an offense to operate an off-road vehicle on, or near a road or highway. A driver under 16 years of age is also prohibited from crossing any road or major highway.

The Off-Road Vehicle Enforcement Unit has been set up to put in force the terms of the Off-Road Vehicle Act. Two Officers are based in six strategic locations around the province.